Diemmebi create a new experience through S'mesh, promoting with the Achille Castiglioni Foundation the first "non-competition" devoted to a furnishing product, a true democratic experiment in Italian industrial design.

The non-competition related to S'mesh came about with the aim of strengthening the intrinsic design value of the chair and of moving the international scenario towards the free interpretation and the re-use of an Italian design object.

The invitation encompassed not only sector professionals and businesses, historic collaborators with Diemmebi but especially fans, creative bodies and enthusiastic young people in order to encourage them to create an original and innovative interpretation of the backrest, the element that strongly identifies the entire S'mesh project.


"Good design is not conceived from the ambition to leave a mark ... but from the will to establish an exchange, even if small, with the anonymous person who will use the object that we designed".


From this statement of the great designer Achille Castiglioni comes the simplest explanation of this joint initiative: in fact the Achille Castiglioni Foundation includes, in its statute, in addition to the enhancement of the activity of great master of industrial design, also the intention to explore the development of contemporary design. In recent years the Foundation has involved in its initiatives many experts, students and ordinary people with the purpose of arousing the curiosity, the interest and the desire to observe critically what is around us and to be partakers of the design process that hides behind every object.

For this reason the project "DRESS YOUR CHAIR" represented a new and interesting way to start, even with laymen, a process that is as creative as it is dialectical, that could offer creative solutions that originate from a variety of contexts and experiences. A useful approach to discover how an object can be perceived and reworked in different cultural contexts and at times even far removed from its primary design.

A non-jury of Friends of the Achille Castiglioni Foundation, experts from the sector and outsiders selected together with Diemmebi the most interesting interpretations that resulted in this publication.  The jury was composed of Giovanna and Carlo Castiglioni from the Achille Castiglioni Foundation, Mattia Castiglioni and Davide Soldarini of the Casio studio and finally of Domitilla Dardi and Anna Prandoni.

The attention of the jury was particularly focused on those projects that might deserve a serial production if engineered and on those that denoted a strong sense of uniqueness and creativity; in certain cases these extremes, apparently far removed from each other, were instead ideally suited.