Mankind has always been fascinated by the mystery of infinite space. The space explorations of the 60s projected it towards new boundaries, changing the collective imagination, perspectives, and points of view. These events influenced every sector, and the world of design too lived a period of great, free creativity.

50 years after the moon landing, Eclipse wants to be a tribute to that period. Its lines are in continuity with objects conceived back then that became iconic, expressions of a feasible futuristic modernity.

Eclipse is a curved line, like the elliptical orbits of the spherical planets, intelligent paths of a system where nothing is straight.
Eclipse is lightness, because gravity is not heavy among the stars, where strangely nothing seems to weigh although this force binds everything.
The formal line that generates it is continuous and originates a clean and minimalistic seat. A fluid form of almost weightless curved geometries. The planes that cut the space come together with a visual play that induces us to think of the absence of contrasting forces. There is no interruption among its full and empty spaces, there is a thread that leads and connects all of its "phases" with one another.



Frame: steel rod, Seat: thermo-injected polypropylene (PP)

4 LEGS: cm 54 x 51 x h81
4 LEGS WITH ARMRESTS: cm 64 x 51 x h81
BENCH: 2-4 seats; 102 cm – 214 cm x h81
WIRE FRAME: cm 55 x 54 x h81
METAL: cm 55 x 57 x h81



Diemmebi chooses innovative colours for the production of the first monocoque, drawing inspiration from nature and the “organic” trend, increasingly prevalent in recent years.
Linen, Sage, Terracotta are now part of the colour range in the catalogue, in addition to the classic colours of the company: Grey, White, and Anthracite, which replaces black for this seat, thus representing another step towards modernity for Diemmebi.

LINEN: Pantone 7521M
SAGE: Pantone 5575M
TERRACOTTA: Pantone 484M
GREY: RAL 7040
ANTHRACITE: Pantone Black7M