MakeUp – Design by Basaglia + Rota Nodari, the first product of the company to be CAM certified

A fresh, intelligent, practical, and democratic product. This is MakeUp, the latest project designed by Basaglia + Rota Nodari Architetti, also Art Director for the Venetian brand DIEMMEBI.
An innovative core for a customizable solution, thanks to the creation of a modular interlocking system, which excludes the use of screws. Stackable.
The same structure that can become – depending on the accessories – a chair, chair with armrests, chair with desk, for community, and also upholstered. In the latter case, the seat is equipped with an under seat so as not to damage the fabric when stacked. The chair can also be accompanied by the stool, an increasingly requested complement.
MakeUp, Make Me Up, a customizable product like its namesake. A chair that lends itself to contract solutions when tone-on-tone. In chrome or neutral for community.
In line with the new European regulations, MakeUp is the first product of the company to be CAM certified (Minimum Environmental Criteria, they are the environmental requirements defined for the various phases of the purchasing process, aimed at identifying the best design solution, product, or service from an environmental point of view along its lifecycle, taking into account market availability).